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McKenzie Asks For Review of Construction Policies & Procedures

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Photo Courtesy: Rich Garton/CTV News Windsor

Ward 4 Councillor Mark McKenzie has asked City Administration for a thorough review of all City initiated construction projects in Windsor. This comes after many complaints from residents and business owners on the length of some construction projects in the city.

McKenzie wants to administration to review everything from project timelines, to warranties and minimum standards. "Residents want to know why these construction projects aren't being worked on during early morning hours or even later in the day to 9PM?" McKenzie states. "We shouldn't be having bank hours for construction projects on our major roadways such as Walker Road". Councillor McKenzie also asked for a review on the Policies and Procedures for construction projects. McKenzie is hoping for administration to bring a report back to council before the end of the this year.



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